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About Us
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Our Name

Sutekh Orbitas: Set's Lost Children
Set (Seth) was the god of chaos, night, wind, storms, snakes and evil. He was the Lord of Upper Egypt, the counterpart and equal of Horus.
It was Set who defended the sun (Ra) and defeated the serpent Apep.
Set was the god who always questioned authority, specifically of his brother, Osiris.


Please make an active effort to try and use the forums. They are there to help us all have a point of deferred contact, but it only works if the majority of us check it.

Gaining Ranks

Sutekh Orbitas is not rank centric -- ranks are mostly meaningless -- so don't worry too much about them -- stick around, be cool, get on voice, play with guildies and you will gain ranks. General rule: don't worry about it!

Guild ranks are as follows:
    Guild Master - Guild Leader
    High Council - Helps with guild and raid policies and help with general guild decision making.
´╗┐Officer -Helps with recruitment, general guild decision making and enforcing guild policy set by GL and HC.

    Leadership Alt - Alternates of the GL, HC and Officers
    Raider - Anyone who is a progression raider and is considered for those spots after proving themselves.
    Member - Members of the guild that are perfectly happy with the casual side of gaming and who may participate in guild events, dungeons, questing, and the casual raids. No commitments necessary.
    Alternate - Alts of Members up to and including Advisors.
    Initiate - New members.
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High Council
Updated ranks-added officer. Removed Advisor. Added leadership alts. 12/14/17