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Raiding Policy
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Sutekh Orbitas Raiding Policy
(Updated; December, 2017)
These policies are in addition to the standard guild policies. If you haven't read them you should start there.

Guild Ranks
A member who is active in the guild and is interested in going to any casual/gearing raids.
A member who is committed to raiding with a small group of people, on a
regular basis (fixed schedule) with an emphasis on progression and
seeing content.
  • Officers and High Council members will have guild notes to denote their raiding status within the guild.
  • Being a raider does not guarantee you a raid spot in the raiding group
  • (s), but means that you should be prepared to raid approx. 2 nights a week.
  • Raiders are expected to come prepared with flasks, and buff foods.

Raid Schedule
8-11pm Tues/Thursday
All Raids will be scheduled on the website calendar only. Anyone interested
in signing up is welcome. Signups will be done only on the website.
Raids will be subject to signup counts. This means if we don't have
enough people we may not run it, so signup early and often. Priority will be
given to those signing up on the website and keeping that signup current
with changes to your availability.

Raid Attendance
All Raiders
We are currently flexible with our raid attendance. With "flex" style
raids, we don't have to adhere to a strict group size, we will likely
have to maximize our group setup to down tougher content though. If you
are asked to sit out due to lack of performance, awareness or class
balancing, please know its in the best interest of the group.

Raider Expectations
Members attending raids
  • Be sure that your signup status for a raid is accurate by 24 hours before that raid time.
  • (for example: If you sign up available for Friday's raid, but on Thursday you realize you can't go, be sure to update your signup to reflect this).
  • Come on time, prepared to stay until completion and bring reagents/buffs/gold for repairs.
  • AFK Breaks are to be taken roughly halfway through the time and announced by the raid leader.
  • Have discord installed and configured. Even if you can't talk, you need to be able to listen.

  • All the expectations of the Casual raider plus the following
  • Have knowledge of boss abilities and possible strategies that can be shared with the raid as needed.
  • Your "A" game. Be prepared to deal with planed mechanics and be able to adjust on the fly
  • NO DRAMA. Understand that there may be situations where you are asked to sit out a raid/fight for a reason that may benefit progression
  • (class balance, etc..).
  • Have Discord installed and be able to talk
  • Gear knowledge. This means know roughly what gear you're interested in as to maximize your performance.
  • Be on time. We don't extend past the scheduled time so being late cuts into raid time for everyone.
  • Stay till the end. We don't extend past the scheduled time so we expect you to stay unless you've cleared it ahead of time
  • (raid notes are acceptable).
  • Please inform an officer or raid leader if you need to leave early or are possibly going to be late. Again, with "flex" raiding, we can be a bit more relaxed on joining and leaving the group.
  • If you have to join late, please be aware that there may not be an available spot by the time you log on. If you are joining late, please don't hold up the raid. If we are in the middle of content, you will have to wait but please be patient. Join and get to the door and be ready to run in asap. If a summon is available, we will summon but please don't always count on it. We have to maximize our raid time and not waste it waiting for someone to run to the entrance. During the raid you are not to hearth or zone out of the raid unless given permission from the raid leader or it is during break time.

Raid Lockouts
Lockouts can be extended at the discretion of the raid leader in consultation with the High Council.

Currently we are using Personal Loot rules. This looting system is working right
now but if issues arise, we will re-evaluate the possibility of group
loot or even master looter again.
Progression Note
During the current tier of content, priority may be given to certain players
to best assist the raid in progressing. This may be used to elevate any
player into contention for any item. All modifications to the standard
rule will be discussed before loot distribution.
Tac Laughing
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Guild Leader
Raiding policy has been updated!

I would like to also add my intentions with raiding and the guild. I want us to be able to push through at least heroic of any raid we step into. We are very capable if everyone puts in the effort to maximize their character, class and spec. If we do not get enough to raiders to push heroic content, then we will look into recruiting to fill in the group. As always, we will take anyone willing to raid, but if a person becomes incapable of pulling their weight, we will likely ask you to step out for harder content. At this point anyone can join us for normal EN while we still have to be a bit picky to maximize our efforts in heroic and ToV normal (and heroic soon hopefully).

I don't like to have to exclude anyone but if we want to clear heroic, we have to take the best we have until we have the bosses on farm. Usually 2 - 3 solid kills is all it takes for a boss to become "farm" content, but this isn't set in stone. It will be at Leaderships discretion.

Also, please sign up for raids!!!!!!!!
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Guild Leader
Post any comments, concerns or questions here or message me privately if you like. I want to know how you all feel about our raiding right now. I want to button up our loose end and clear heroics asap. The holidays will likely slow raiding down, so my expectations are to start focusing on heroics after the new year, it's just easier on everyone.
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Guild Leader
I want to make a point of reinforcing good raid preparation. I think Xach (Dakkonn) got the potions for heroics thing through to everyone
Tuesday night, but just checking some people's gear in armory today,
even after we had talked about it a few weeks ago, there are still some
people missing gems, enchants, etc.  I know that stuff isn't super
cheap, but it's not like we're getting such an insane flow of upgrades
that we'll be replacing stuff constantly, and guildmates can help out.
 It's just one of those things that indicates whether someone actually
cares or not, and when people don't, that doesn't bode well in general,
and doesn't set a good tone.  I wish people would put the good enchants
on stuff they were likely to keep for a while, but I'll settle for
anything, just to show they give a shit.

As a reminder you can get 10 Arkhana or 3 Leylight Shards for 1 Blood of sargeras - the cheap
ring enchants cost 10 arkhana, and the cheap cloak enchants 12
Leylights, so if gold is a problem, 6 Bloods will cover those 3 slots.

*Pardon the language for making a point*
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High Council
Updated 12/12/17. Added discord instead of mumble. Gems/enchants added to expections and not leaving raid withour RL permission outside of break. (Seals/AP is not a good excuse).